Buzzing: James Corden remixes ‘Drag Me Down’ for One Direction Carpool Karaoke

James Corden remixes ‘Drag Me Down’ for One Direction Carpool Karaoke

James Corden is the gift to One Direction fandom that keeps on giving.

Though the band is officially on hiatus, the Late Late Show host recorded a Carpool Karaoke segment with the boys when they appeared on the show earlier this month. (You know, the time Harry Styles lost a game of Tattoo Roulette and got inked live on television.)

This latest edition of Carpool Karaoke contains a number of gems, including Liam Payne discovering that Louis Tomlinson kept turning his seat heater on (“My ass is on fire!”), the former blaming Styles for stealing his “seatbelt hole,” and Niall Horan saying he’d marry Selena Gomez in a game of Sleep With/Marry/Cruise.

Musically speaking, Corden treated fans to a makeshift music video for “No Control” when he choreographed the boys in coordinating denim jackets to create the ’90s boy band aesthetic they’ve always eschewed. (The track hails from their fourth album, Four, and was made a DIY single when fans aggressively campaigned to get it radio play.) Also, Corden remixed “Drag Me Down” with a rap verse interlude, and impressed his fellow carpoolees with a high note in “Best Song Ever” that rivaled Payne’s own. Check it out above, and see the music video in GIF form below.


Credit: Bret Hartman / CBS (One Direction with James Corden)

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Buzzing: See the Force Awakens cast sing an a cappella medley of Star Wars music

With Jimmy Fallon & The Roots. Yes, even Harrison Ford.


What’s better than John Williams’ iconic Star Wars music? John Williams’ iconic Star Wars music sung in the style of a cappella by the cast of The Force Awakens with help from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

Fallon debuted the a cappella video on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon mere hours before the first official reviews of Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrive online.

The Tonight Show host has had many of the film’s cast members on as guests over the last few weeks, including Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Adam Driver. Those stars appear in the a cappella video, as do fellow Force Awakens cast members Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christie, Carrie Fisher, and even Chewbacca.

Watch the medley of Williams’ score – including the main Star Wars theme and the “Imperial March” – in the video below.


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Buzzing: Taylor Swift meets her Australian look-alike fan

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Taylor Swift meets her Australian look-alike fan

Taylor Swift came face-to-face (or rather, back-to-back) this week with her look-alike. The 26-year-old was wrapping up her 1989 World Tour in…

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Buzzing: Google’s Star Wars browser game turns your smartphone into a lightsaber

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Google’s Star Wars browser game turns your smartphone into a lightsaber

frameborder=”0” allowFullScreen> Ever wanted to turn your smartphone into an elegant weapon for a more civilized age? Your wish has been granted….

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Buzzing: Season 3 of Fargo won’t premiere until 2017

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Season 3 of Fargo won’t premiere until 2017

Sorry, Fargo fans, it’s going to be more than a year before the hit FX series comes back for its third season. During a conference call with press…

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