The Real Cause of the Flint Crisis


The shocking crisis in Flint—where state cost-cutting mandates led to lead-tainted water that has poisoned thousands of children—has become a metaphor for American political dysfunction. Yet it should also be a reminder of how much Americans’ health and well-being depend on effective public policies. Rather than see Flint as another case of government failure, reinforcing distrust and cynicism, Americans should instead see it as a call to action. Using the power of government, American society once solved problems like those now plaguing Flint and too many other communities. And it could do so again, if it overcame the widespread amnesia about the enormous benefits of active, responsive government… Read Entire Article HERE




3 thoughts on “The Real Cause of the Flint Crisis

  1. America needs to get it together and begin working on unifying the divisions in our nation. The only people who have been losing recently are the American people!


  2. It’s too bad that the people of Flint ever had to go through that – it’s a national embarrassment. The governor and mayor should resign, it is unacceptable.


  3. Bernie’s infrastructural plan/budget to rebuild and update our country will make over 13 million jobs! Americans need to get on board with him and forget Hillary. Bernie is giving us the chance to come out of and even find opportunity in these tragic scenarios, particularly like this one in Flint.


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